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Qihama x Heimudan litter

First mating of native Tibetan Mastiff of season 2016/2017. Qihama x HeimudanBoth specimen were imported from Maqu County (Gansu, Tibet) and they...

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Luobu new Italian champion

Our native female LuoBu started her exhibition itinerary in May 2016 with Ercolano International Dog Show. In a few months she was awarded with the...

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In every Country of the world

Almost at the end of the current breeding season, it's time for plans. This year also the request for our puppies was much higher than how much we...

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Drokpa on Italian Television

Nel corso della trasmissione 'Cronache Animali' del 6 dicembre è stato dedicato uno spazio al mastino tibetano. Abbiamo avuto il piacere di...

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