Tibetan Mastiff and our Project

The name Drokpa™ derives from the name of a Tibetan nomad tribe, which has been living in contact with the Tibetan Mastiff since thousand years. Our kennel has been endorsed by FCI and it was born fromEmiliano Zoi’s passion towards the Tibetan mastiff and the Tibetan culture overall. As time passed and with the awareness of the difficult condition the breed was living in, even in its origin lands, this passion gave rise  to “Native Project” in cooperation with Giovanni Boffano.

This ambitious project is the one and only in the whole West and outside Chinese borders. It has the double aim to make a specific and precious breed variety  known to the West and to preserve it. We are speaking of the most authentic and pure variety which has its origin in the historical Eastern Tibet, the so called “rivers land”. The leading purpose is to preserve this breed, in order to keep its behavioral and morphological type during the time, by promoting specimens which have the most similar features to the dogs which are living and working side to side to Tibetan nomad shepherds, nowadays. Our project has been joined by several international renowned experts and specialized breeders, we consider both valuable partners and friends.

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